Nicky Mcintyre
I have had wonderful treatments. Tai foot, ear candling , reiki . Always in a lovely calm relaxing environment. Peaceful music played. Lovely. Highly recommended. 

David Lithgow (CityLocal Fareham) – Hopi Ears Sep 03 2009 5:05 PM
I would highly recommend Clare Church of Warsash. She made me feel relaxed as soon as I stepped foot into her studio. My treatment was the Hopi Ear Candle. I was a bit of a sceptic at first but I soon found it put me in a state of serenity and it felt really good. This was followed by a face massage using special oils, which was absolutely wonderful. Clare is an expert in her field and I would definitely tell people to take advantage of her services.

Mel G – Stubbington – Angel Card Readings and Hot Stone
Clare Church is an exceptional therapist and I would truly recommend her hot stone massage. It left me energized and totally relaxed. Her Angel card readings for me have been really good, encouraging and supportive. A brilliant therapist to discover and at a reasonable rate.

Mike P, Warsash
A year ago I had a stroke and I have been receiving Reiki from Clare in that year – it feels like a wondeful mild radiance flowing from her hands and appears to have significantly improved my condition. I am very much at peace after a treatment and I highly recommend Clare’s Reiki Therapy.

Claire Condie, Norfolk. Five star rating on Facebook.
Fantastic reading, gave me motivation to do what I needed to 🙂

Nat Catley, Norfolk.Five star rating on Facebook.
Its the first time I have experienced Reiki and it was so soothing. My fatigue has lifted and I will continue to have this monthly. Thank you Ray of Hope! You really changed my life. I feel alive. Xxxx I recommend this to everyone.

Ben Sylvester had Distance Reiki from Clare in 2014.
I’ve had the pleasure of Clare send me Reiki through a difficult time while deployed to Afghanistan. On the days she sent Reiki, crazy situations magically started to sort themselves out, and my entire environment started to change for the better. Luck was on my side each day she sent, and I firmly believe her aid served our butts several times.

Priya – Nov 2020 5:05 PM
Thank you Clare for sharing the first four sessions of DeStress You!
Presented in a knowledgeable friendly and collaborative manner with topics ranging from Essential oils, Crystals, and Chakras, to meditations and yoga postures.
Highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to delve deeper into spiritual work.
All delivered with a touch of Clare’s humour and upbeat spirit which makes her a pleasure to be around.

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