Life Purpose Reading

Your DNA holds the blue print for your Spirit since creation. Depending on your key focus areas, we can source all kinds of information to help you answer your key questions including your life purpose, how your mind works, your relationship contracts, your spiritual lineage and where you come from. Who you are is recorded in the 11thCodon of your DNA. We use a special crystal wand to gain access.

For cost please contact me.

Angel Card Reading

Clare has developed the ability to give readings using Angel cards where by the client will receive guidance in their current circumstances and focus can be given to priorities in the clients life – they act as an Oracle and Angel Cards used are Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue. 

Cost is £20 ( 30 mins to 1 hour)

Colour Readings

Colour bottles with special oil and aroma oils are used where the client chooses colours that appeal. The higher self chooses colours most needed at that time and Clare can interpret and give some guidance using intuition to help. Cost is £20.00 30 mins to 1 hour

Rune Readings

Runes are a Mystical and Ancient Oracle which was used by the Vikings. The Runes system can be used to give answers to key questions. Clare also uses intuition to help clients with extra information. Her Runes are made from Shells from near Cromer beach. Cost is £20.00 30 mins to 1 hour

Twin Crystal Reading

Involves twin clear quartz crystals from the same stem growth which are held at the same time by the sitter and the reader. The ancient energies, power and properties of the crystals link and information is read by the reader. Time: Takes 15 to 30 minutes Cost: Special Introductory Price of £20 for 15 to 30 minutes.