Generic Workshops and Classes including Kids Yoga

Max Meditation ™ – Up to 1 Hour

£8 per person

This system will teach you how to meditate

It is based on a fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga and mind acrobatics mixed with modern techniques of psychology and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

It was developed by Dr.Gudni Gudnason Ph.D.of the Modern Mystery School who has travelled around the world for the last 35 years exploring the phenomena of the mind and people.

He learned the ancient methods from prominent teachers in India and Tibet and has received a degree in NLP and Psychology in Europe.

The Max Meditation System ™ is based on the FIVE components of Meditation :


Cost: £8.00 one off or £5 if booking 5 or more together.

Chakra Awareness 2 Hour Class

Includes hand out and Chakra balance to help balance Chakras if you wish. (Energy points on our Spirit Bodies that link between Physical and Spirit Bodies).

  • We will work through the seven main Chakras and have a basic understanding of how they relate to the body, illness and insights to help maintain balance.
  • We will understand what each Chakra does and what happens from imbalance with Chakras.
  • We will understand what we can do to rebalance and how people can heal and stay in balance.
  • If people wish, there is homework to look at things in more detail.
  • We can have a follow on meeting 1:1 or in a Group.

Cost : £40.00/56 euros for 2 – 3 hours.

Stress Control Course

We will define common causes of stress and do individual work to identify personal causes of stress. We will define coping mechanisms – eg. Alcohol, drugs, avoidance etc. and do individual work to identify personal coping mechanisms. We will also look at healthy ways to cope with stress.  

We will look at how to avoid unnecessary stress and define personally what this means in our current lives.

We will identify healthy life style and relaxation techniques.

We will define “burn out” and how to identify it.

We will identify and define “assertiveness” and “procrastination” and look at some suggested ways to learn more about these subjects plus some ways to help now. Becoming more assertive about our own needs and procrastinating less will help us reduce our Stress Levels.

Cost: £40/56 euros for 2 hours. 1:1 or Group

Mind Mapping Workshop including Action Plan

A 2 hour workshop where we can define what you currently do and how you use your time. We do Mind Maps which show you everything you do now.

We can then do a pie chart to establish the time you use on each thing

Then we can look at what you want to do and Mind Map this so that we can change things to be how you want them to be and look at the “gaps” so we analyse what else you need to do to get you where you want to be!

We can then do a useful Action Plan to put this in place and get you moving



We can do a follow up meeting later to check on progress. 1:1 or GroupCost : £40/56 euros for 2 hours 1:1 or Group

Mini Me Yoga 2 Hour Workshop

Mini Me Yoga Training is for adults and includes learning a 15 minute routine of 14 basic Yoga positions to teach children at home or Nursery as well as positive energy programming and basic Meditation for children using Mandala colouring. This system uses Mini Me Magick Yoga Cards to teach positions. The session is best in a Group so people can practise with each other and we play some games with the cards and incorporate some music and movement – great fun and joy to be had! We work on mats in a circle. There is access to a great web site with a Video to show the positions and also suggestions of fun games.

Teaches you :

  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Positive Affirmations and Positive words to water
  • Why we do kids yoga
  • 14 Yoga poses with cards
Cost £50/56 Euros for 2 hours to include 15 minute a day programme and cards.

Mini Me Explorers (Further Mini Me Yoga Fun!) 3 Hour Workshop

There is also a second programme called Explorers for Adults and kids and 14 more basic Yoga positions to learn so you can mix and match dozens of fun classes plus there is a great book to help. We can run both Mini Me Yoga and Explorers together if you wish. Twice the fun and 28 positions to learn – great for more variety and if you have Adults who want to join in.

  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Positive affirmations/Positive words to water
  • Why we do kids yoga
  • 15 kids yoga classes
  • How to mix and match to create hundreds of classes
  • How to co-ordinate classes with your kids and practise classes
  • As well as learning 14 more Mini Me Yoga Magick Cards and Explorers Club Yoga Cards
Cost £70.00 for 3 hours to include book and cards. Both MMY Classes together will be discounted. Both together are known as the Mini Me Yoga One Day Graduate Training and can be priced at £100 or speak to Clare if you have more than 3 attendees as multiple discount will apply. Venue: All Workshops can be run in Aylsham or can be run at an alternative venue such as Norwich although this may increase the price.

Mini Me Yoga Games Workshop

£50 per person, 2 hours duration. If you need to learn the Explorer positions, allow 2.5 hours.

Learn the “Explorer” positions of the Mini Me Yoga System and see how they can be used with 15 more games involving maths, memory, language and lots of fun!

Includes hand out and cards with 14 Explorer Yoga positions. Use both sets of cards to have 28 positions to use with kids at nursery, school or home.

No Yoga knowledge is necessary but it is useful to do the first Mini Me Yoga Two hour workshop first. Great for kids aged 3 to 8 or even a bit older. So helpful for Parents, Grand Parents, Nurseries, Schools and any one caring for younger children.