Mystery School Path Training

Before embarking on the Adept Training for Mystery School knowledge it is strongly suggested people have a DNA Activation. Either a 22 Strand or 24 Strand Activation. 

This is because this Training is a robust ancient knowledge Training path and certain steps need to be taken to ensure it is followed correctly

Adept Two Day Seminar Training

Mystery Schools initiate their members in order to create a connection to the magickal current or Ray that is the energy source of the Mystery School. Behind that current is an Archangelic Office and the Masters of Light associated with that current and ray.

These beings are called the Hierarchy of Light. The Initiatory Process of the Mystery School is designed to give each initiate direct connection to the Magickal current, the Archangel, the Masters of Light and the full Hierarchy of Light. This results in ten times the personal power, the highest level of protection and many other beneficial changes. It also brings responsibilities to those who are initiated. 

For the Adept, the responsibility is to serve Human kind and offer the specific services of the Mystery School. The responsibility of the Teacher is to continue the work they began as Adepts and to teach and train others. The Responsibility of the Guide is to lead, initiate and provide ceremonies of Life for Community. This key Programme is in two to three days intensive study and covers:-
  1. My name is “I Am”
  2. What is Initiation?
  3. What is Ritual?
  4. The Human Potential: To be a God, The 12 Dimensions of Earth, The 7 Spiritual Dimensions, Astral Travel Chart
  5. The Structure of the Hierarchy
  6. The Influence of the Ego on the True Self Negative Ego vs Positive Ego.
  7. The Cycle of Human Processes
  8. The Human Energies
  9. The Qabalah overview
  10. Rituals to benefit daily life
  11. Meditation, brain waves and steps to enter your sanctuary
  12. Excercises – Who am I Letter, Senses
  13. Journey to Point zero
  14. Reading List

Price is £333 Including initiation. 

Gifts of the Spirit Basic

This two day intensive course covers and connects with our abilities to channel so we discover which senses and gifts we can use to evolve spiritually. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and clairsentience become clearer as we weave through several meditations to meet our higher self, the Mondad, Group Soul, the Master Being and Archangelic self. This course empowers you further along your path to know many more keys to who you are and why you are here. I had done very many meditations but this is extremely powerful – we record “keys” as we go so you have a record of what you observe to help you.


Astral Travel

Find our more about Astral Travel Methods to do this, more on the 7 Spiritual dimensions, Moral and Ethic code, Exercises to assist travel, destinations to travel, Rituals and Prayers of Protection.
£55 or £45 if studied at same time as Divine Sacred Geometry.  (2 – 3 hours)

Divine Sacred Geometry

The Objective of this workshop is to open each participant to experience the energies of Heaven which are present in the manifested material of the world. Geometry as an art is formed in heaven before anything can be created. This art is based on the first three symbols of Heaven – the Triangle, the Cube and the Circle. We activate Divine Geometry in our selves and we activate a room using divine geometry to bring in the divine energy to assist in day to day life.
£55 or £45 if booked with Astral Travel.( 2 – 3 hours )

The Twelve Races of Earth

There are twelve other races which inhabit earth with the human race. Races such as Lemurians, Atlanteans, The Elves, Fairies, Vampyres, Bruhads, Mer Race and several others.  Learn much more about these races and their main features.
£55  (2 – 3 hours)

Introduction to Hermetic Qabalah

These teachings have been handed down from the 7th Ray Mystery School which is dedicated to preparing people for the initiatory process with the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.

The tools of transformation that have proved to be of the highest quality and the most expedient include ascension of the Tree of Life through Qabalah, Initiation and the handing down of ancient wisdom teachings.

The Qabalah sets one into a new world of thinking and opens up the gates to hidden dimensions of understanding and awareness. It is the journey into the one creation and into each part of its vast manifestation of density.

Through Qabalah, the very DNA of life is explained and understood, allowing the individual to change both inwardly and outwards.

It is truly a transformational tool. These teachings are the foundation of the Philosophy of the Mystery Schools. I welcome you and look forward to taking this journey with you!

Intro to Qabalah £55

Energy Basics

The Light – where does light come from ?
The different Rays
Vibrational Healing and the Element Of Heat
The 72 Names Of God
Feeling the Energies
The Wisdom Pyramid – the gathering of knowledge

Cost £50.00
3 hours

De-Stress You!


Introducing NEW De Stress and Holistic Well Being and Health Knowledge Classes to to run for young people aged 16 to 18 and above. In the new age of creating better and more child centred learning this system may really assist.

This programme is to run classes of an hour weekly to help young people relax, connect with energy work and their creative fun personality.

Target Audience for De Stress You!

Holistic Therapists who want to teach young people. Older teens and over eighteens.

Mystic Teachers who want to teach young people Yoga and Pilates Teachers Parents and Grandparents who may have young people, off spring in their care Youth Leaders and Community Youth leaders Teachers