Adam Kadmon DNA Activation

Adam Kadmon 24 Strand DNA Activation ®

It is highly advisable to discuss with your Practitioner any pre existing mental instability conditions and use of drugs, other than medicinal purposes. If either of these are relevant and not declared this will be at the risk of the Client completely. It is not advisable to have this powerful Modality if you are classed as mentally unstable and had treatment from a Doctor, or if you use recreational drugs. A letter from your Doctor May be advised if this is the case and it is not guaranteed you can have this Modality. Please be honest when asked, it’s very important.

This modality helps activate the Etheric DNA, resulting in the Adam Kadmon Body of Light. The Body of Light is part of the energy structures within and around the human body. It is our connection to the Divine and allows us to live in an environment of light. In Prophecy, the Body of Light, called Adam Kadmon (Divine God Human), will allow us to manifest our Spiritual Gifts and the Alchemical Transmutations of our physical forms.

The Mystery School has been teaching techniques for activation since 1998, and thousands of people have now been activated.

Your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is an essential component of all living matter and it consists of a sugar base, phosphates and a sequencing of nucleotides. It is unique and very personal. It contains encoded information relative to both your physical and spiritual lineage. This information determines your physical form, hereditary malodies, mental proclavities, emotional and behavioural patterns, spiritual gifts and much more! 

The DNA also carries a form of Light Coding from Spirit. This coding carries detailed information about your spirit and its experience before this life, your relationship contracts and even defines the timing of many events in life.

Your DNA contains the blue print for who you are as a Divine being. It is God given, holy and defines your uniqueness because it contains the encoded information regarding your physical and spiritual lineage.

The DNA Activation ® and reading gives you access to the secrets and mysteries of who you are and what your purpose is.

It helps answer the questions, “Who Am I ?” “Why am I here ?” “What are my gifts and talents?” “Where did I come from ?”

The complete DNA activation (all 24 strands) has the potential to bring you into a divine state of being called the Adam Kadmon or Divine God Human.

All 3 levels (Spirit, Soul, and Physical DNA) can be activated by light as it is channelled through the trained activator via a specially made Adam Kadmon Etheric Wand.

The light flows into the area where it can activate body, soul and the spirit. Over time the 12 Physical DNA strands will activate and so will the spirit strands. This results in complete 24 strand DNA activation.

Benefits of The Modality

  • A great place to start is to receive King Salomon’s Core Crystal Activation that begins and ends with a hug.
  • King Salomon’s core crystal activation has been available for over 3000 years to selected individuals such as world leaders and is now available to all the people of the world.
  • Activation of 24 strands of DNA switches on parts of you which are currently not operating
  • It opens up pathways and opportunities for your potential life path and purpose
  • Enables you to bring in and hold more light in your physical body, attracts more of what you want and builds your immune system.
  • Increases your brain capacity and aligns you with previously unrealised gifts and abilities.
  • Aligns your soul and spirit bringing greater harmony
  • Clears 3 – 5 generations of genetic and ancestral debris in the DNA and clears karmic patterns.
  • Brings joy into your life and lightens depression and sadness.
  • A full hour treatment and two times 15 mins consultation and including morning and evening support frequency elixir. Total cost £100. You must take the elixir for full benefits.

About the Adam Kadmon 24 Strand Activation:-

Who Is a Candidate for this Modality ?
Any one! There is only one reason activation is offered, EMPOWERMENT !

How long does this Modality take to completely finish ?
Most completely integrate the light and begin manifesting the Adam Kadmon Light Body within 9 months. Others complete the activation in different time spans.

Do I need More than one of this Modality In My Life Time ?
Only one session is necessary. However, many benefit from “tune up” sessions. These may include other modalities that support integration of the Adam Kadmon Light Body. Tune Up Sessions 3 – 6 months apart after Activation help and support Clients.

Star Seed Healing ( Sound Frequency Healing)

Chimes and sound healing are used at a certain healing vibration. This helps with balancing before Adam Kadmon 24 Strand Activation.
It works on certain key sound frequencies which are highly beneficial and helps open up channels and helps with emotional issues and addictions. There has been a success where a client has given up smoking after having this Star Seed Healing and Adam Kadmon 24 Strand DNA Activation.
The Cost is £30 stand alone and allow thirty mins to forty mins. Or it is included with the £100 Adam Kadmon 24 Strand DNA Activation, along with aftercare elixir.

The client lies down on couch fully clothed and switches off. It is very relaxing.