Do you crave to know more about the reason we are here ?

Do you want to know more about your Divine Gifts such as clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience ? Do you want to help others but not sure how ?

Would you like a system or path to follow for more Spiritual nourishment? Plus which is clear and easy to follow? In steps which can be done when you have time and can allocate your budget clearly ?

Could you be a Healer, Teacher, Leader or Guide of others on a path ? Would you like to investigate which other races live on Earth ?

Like to know more about Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Crystal Healing and Ceremonies to assist the community ? Abundance, healing and love – are these subjects that make you happy?

Would you like to know more about the Angelic Realms, who they are and the Hierarchy of Light and how it communicates with the Human Race ?

If you want this and much more, please scroll through this web site.

About Clare Church

Clare is British born and lived in France for two years where she ran self catering holidays with her husband. She worked in Marketing for twenty years in the South of England. She started to open up spiritually around Year 2000 and fully qualified as a Masseur, Aromatherapist and a Reiki Master Practitioner. She also trained in psychic development and then trained as a Life Activation Practitioner around 2012. She studied in the Mystery School traditions for 6 years, studying all the Mystery School offerings that she could afford and find. Part of this involved working in a team for the good of mankind.

De Stress You!



Introducing NEW De Stress and Holistic Well Being and Health Knowledge Classes to to run for young people aged 16 to 18 and above. In the new age of creating better and more child centred learning this system may really assist.

This programme is to run classes of an hour weekly to help young people relax, connect with energy work and their creative fun personality.


Target Audience for De Stress You!


Holistic Therapists who want to teach young people. Older teens and over eighteens.

Mystic Teachers who want to teach young people Yoga and Pilates Teachers Parents and Grandparents who may have young people, off spring in their care Youth Leaders and Community Youth leaders Teachers


Question Driver


How do we help young people relax more and tap into their spiritual side?


Unique Value Proposition


Only relaxation skills for Youth

There is an option to learn basic Yoga and Meditation and how to teach these, ask Clare Church.

Experiential learning and later years creative play




An 8 module course on line or A 2 day training course


Twelve essential oils

Assorted Crystals

Teaching Notes

At least four themed lesson plans and template to create your own lessons


Clare’s Why!


Clare Church developed this work as she has been a Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Path Teacher and Kids Yoga Teacher Over the last 12 years since 2007 onwards in Southampton, Brittany France, Norfolk and latterly London. Clare developed on her path as a Guide and Teacher of ancient mystical knowledge. She also developed psychic skills, healing skills including using crystals and used essential oils as a masseur. Clare ran meditation groups and Sister circles. Clare offered many readings and created special cards to assist young people.

Clare wanted to weave some of the mystical ancient knowledge so that we can share this with young people. Clare met lots of teens, young people at Mind Body Spirit Fairs who needed more guidance and help them with their ‘gifts’. Often known as Indigos or Crystal Children, they are very gifted with extra senses and need a differing type of teaching which is experiential, fun and creative.


Proposed Costs


2 day course including 12 essential oils, assorted crystals, set of 16 Message Cards, booklet with notes and lesson plans ( minimum 4 lessons) £180.00. Is likely to be limited in numbers and require a room booking fee on top.


Or on line in eight times one hour modules. £129.00 Clare will directly teach this on line in specially arranged sessions using slides and the booklet.




One hour approx each module


Module 1 Chakras

Over Active, Under Active, blocks, clearing blocks


Module 2 Essential Oils

Uses, qualities, contra indications


Module 3 Crystals Basics

Receptive, colours, chakra links, God and Goddess stones, Healing kit


Module 4 Plan Lesson

Example Lesson Plan

Student creates own lesson


Module 5 Altars and creating them

Including Altars, Elements, seasons, build mini Altars


Module 6 Meditation and Breath work Basics


Module 7 Message Cards

Universe, Seasons, Elements, Colours


Module 8 Review of Course, How to use it, Marketing, Lessons Includes Questions and Answers Create 3 more lessons to add to the 4 given


To book….


Email Clare Church

[email protected]


Or call 07803386233


Payment by card via Wave Invoice

Please supply name, address and email.

You will Be invoiced once the course is scheduled formally.


You will then be able to run classes for young people aged 16 to 18 or older.


Suggested price of £10 per person for classes you run.

We will issue a special certificate.


You will need a DBS check. This is not included. Please investigate and book this ahead if you can. The price will range.


You will also need insurance for teaching if it’s classes out of school care.

Find Happiness

Find Balance

Overcome Stress

Fulfill Potential