Energy Healings

Energy Balancing

By working with these Petals or Gates, the energies and links with the elements (earth, water, air and fire) within the body can be balanced. It results in better balance, more energy flow and alignment. Very relaxing. Working on the chakras (energy centres), elemental lines, magnetic lines, and etheric aura – very calming.
30 mins, £26

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Bach discovered 38 remedies, each for a specific emotional and mental state, plus a combination of five of the remedies designed for difficult and demanding situations, which he called Rescue Remedy. They take effect on the emotional condition of the person concerned. Thus two people with the same complaint eg. arthritis, may benefit from quite different remedies. 30 mins Consultation, £20.00

Chakra Awakening Protocol, Tree of Life and 16 Lotus Petal Balancing

(40 mins) Cost £50.00

Chakra awakening helps people remember their ‘Divine’ Royalty inside them. Plus ‘Tree of Life’ links with our Spirit body and helps activate and awaken energy centres that link to our Divine essence – 16 Lotus Petals Balancing – very calming and balancing. Clare uses a special wand to activate the chakras and Tree of Life and her energy via hands to work in the 16 Lotus Petals found within our auras.

Essential Oil Session ( 50 mins to 1 hour)

For Cost – Please Call

  • Helps light flow in and relaxes state of mind – more relaxation, shifts moods
  • Clears blockages – opens up channels to let light in and puts you in touch with senses
  • Brings people into balance
  • Unlocks ‘blocks’
  • Detoxes mind
  • Opens up old memories
  • Relieves stress
  • Focuses mind

Links with elements :

  • Rosemary – Fire – For passion and creativity
  • Peppermint – Air – For Intellect and spirit
  • Lavender – Water – – for emotions
  • Patchouli – Earth – for planning and actions

We can have a 15 minute consultation afterwards to link in to how each oil made you feel, any senses, images, feelings they bought to the surface.

Shamanic Healing

(40 – 50 mins) Cost £50.00

Links to Earth/Mother Gaii Energy.

Helps clear stress and clear aura (our aura can become polluted)

Cleanses aura from negative toxins from ego and negative energies from others and helps heal areas that have been polluted.

Using a special crystal wand or Amega wand

Meridian Balancing (Accuphotonics)

(40 to 50 mins with consultation) Cost £40.00

Using either pressure points or an Amega wand on points along the meridians in the body. This modality can work on different problems with health, including joint pain, blood pressure, back pain, tinnitus, nasal congestion, skin problems, lung complaints, indigestion and several others….it helps to clear blocks. Standing or seated and clothed. Gets you back into balance and a great alternative therapy to try if you want to stay natural in your treatments. 

Laser Light Healing

(40 mins with consultation) Cost £40.00

Using a warming and relaxing infra red light laser – 29 minutes only, working on the Etheric, magnetic and physical layers of the aura/body to clear blocks. Combined with special chants to break down blockages. Standing or seated and clothed. Very relaxing and non invasive use of mild heat.

Golden Spiral Laser Reflexology

(40 mins with consultation) Cost £40.00

Working with the golden ratios in the body on the joints, where energy flows from one joint to the next according to the golden ratio. Using red laser light which feels warming, relaxing and non invasive. Takes 29 minutes or less – Standing, seated and clothed. Can assist people with various conditions and worth trying if traditional medicine is not working.

Crystal Healing

(30 – 40 mins) Cost £20

`This is a simple, gentle and non invasive but very refreshing treatment. A short consultation is made and then we lay crystals and activate them on the Client who lies fully clothed on the couch.

Areas we can work on include Emotional, Mind, Physical Body, Internal Problems, Space Reversal, Time Enhancement, Pure Mind, Libido and Empowerment.

Crystal colours we use include clear, pink, green/purple, Clear/pink, purple and red. We concentrate on the following: Third Eye (Forehead), Heart, Solar Plexus (Tummy), Hara (Below tummy), Crown Area, Lower Hara (below navel), and Palms.

Time: Takes 30 to 40 minutes

Cost: Special Introductory price of £20

Etheric Healing

The Etheric word comes from the word ‘Ether’. It is defined as the state between energy and matter. The Etheric body is generally considered to be the first layer of the Aura, This structure permeates the physical body. It is located just outside as well as within your physical body and it functions as a blue print for the physical body. The colour of the etheric body varies from light blue to grey. If it was isolated it would look like a man or woman made of bluish lines of light. 

The physical and etheric body are interconnected. Every individual etheric body is in contact with all other bodies through the basic inter connected field of energy, joining the human etheric network with the animal, plant, and mineral networks as well as the higher worlds. We can heal and adjust the Etheric Body with tremendous and often immediate results in the physical!

It explains how acupuncture, telepathy, Kirilian photographic effects, psycho-kinesis healing work. Psychic healing balances the energy within the body. Disease results from the damming up and restriction of energy flow. Psychic or Etheric healing involves flow. Psychic or Etheric healing involves operating on the etheric structure underlying.

This treatment will help people come into a deeper state of healing and often shifts etheric wounds from the past which stay in the aura. Allow 1.5 hours.