Do you crave to know more about the reason we are here ?

Do you want to know more about your Divine Gifts such as clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience ? Do you want to help others but not sure how ?

Would you like a system or path to follow for more Spiritual nourishment? Plus which is clear and easy to follow? In steps which can be done when you have time and can allocate your budget clearly ?

Could you be a Healer, Teacher, Leader or Guide of others on a path ? Would you like to investigate which other races live on Earth ?

Like to know more about Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Crystal Healing and Ceremonies to assist the community ? Abundance, healing and love – are these subjects that make you happy?

Would you like to know more about the Angelic Realms, who they are and the Hierarchy of Light and how it communicates with the Human Race ?

If you want this and much more, please scroll through this web site.

The best route to follow these ways has been developed by the Mystery Schools which are linked to the Hierarchy of Light and the information has been channelled to help humanity change for the highest good and ascend to Shamballah.

We highly recommend a 24 Strand Adam Kadmon activation. Also, the Star seed Healing. This brings forward Divine Contracts. It is very healing and can help people know them selves more thoroughly.

A second step would be the Adept Two Day Programme and Initiation into the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. This is very informative and brings in more Guides to assist on the path.

Then it is useful to do the ‘Gifts of Spirit’, Astral Travel, Sacred Geometry and Twelve Races on Earth – all good grounding and background material.

At this point the Adept into the Mystery School covered by Sandalphon and Metatron will feel really different and may have interest in the Introduction to Qabalistic Studies or the Ceremonial Path.

Ceremonies will also be offered from time to time so that pupils can be involved and experience the joy and love these bring in….if you have interest, please get in touch!

The mix of knowledge was developed by the Seventh Ray Mystery School and Twelth Ray School which are channels for Metatron and Sandalphon.

If you have experience in channeling, Readings, Healing or other Metaphysical work you are likely to crave more company and knowledge of that nature. The teachings are time tested and sourced from Hermetic Studies, Shamanic Studies, Native Indian, Celtic Shamanic, and Qabalah . The work has been weaved into very practical knowledge.

Every one can gain something, and once pupils have the basic studies they can progress further to Ceremonial Master Level 2, Qabalah, Teacher Level and even Guide and Ceremonial Master Level 3. 

They can study with the Twelth Ray Mystery School which will bring them into an International Team of Light Bringers who are changing the world. The end goal is World Peace – You can help!

If you want a chat about the path here, please get in touch – You can be guided in a world which is confusing and full of differing styles of teaching. We can look at the best direction to help YOU. Nothing is forced on you – it all up to you ! You will be developed already to have got this far – there are no coincidences! I cant wait to meet you – Namaste!

If you wish to become a teacher you can attend Power Week 1 ( Teachers Programme) with a higher Teacher. See Twelfth Ray Mystery School link for more information. Prerequisites include Adept Programme, Divine Geometries, Astral Travel, Energy Basics (Adept Two), Gifts Of the Spirit Basic, Meditation Basics. Energy Basics and Meditation Basics will be on this site soon.