About Clare Church

Clare is British born and lived in France for two years where she ran self catering holidays with her husband. She worked in Marketing for twenty years in the South of England. She started to open up spiritually around Year 2000 and fully qualified as a Masseur, Aromatherapist and a Reiki Master Practitioner. She also trained in psychic development and then trained as a Life Activation Practitioner around 2012. She studied in the Mystery School traditions for 6 years, studying all the Mystery School offerings that she could afford and find. Part of this involved working in a team for the good of mankind.  
In 2018 she trained as a Teacher, Guide and High Priestess with the 7th Ray Mystery School knowing this was her clear path since a child. Every thing began to seem a little easier as the path became clearer.

Clare also trained with the founder of Mini Me Yoga in 2013 and has run several workshops in Norfolk. Clare has developed her own training and can run meditation classes, chakra awareness, stress control and mind mapping work shops. 

Clare is able to offer the Two Day Adept and Initiation workshop for people wanting a spiritual path and who wish to empower themselves greatly and begin to know who they really are. Even for those who want to help others as well, it is a great route to do this.

Other courses from the Ancient Mysteries are also available such as Gifts of the Spirit Basic, Divine Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, The Twelve Races of Earth.

There are also Ceremonies for Community which can be run such as Celtic Shamanic Ceremony, Aphrodite Love Temple and even the Adam Kadmon DNA Life Activation ® Group Healing.

Clare likes to use her training experience to empower others to find their true path and gifts so they can live a more fulfilled life, and let their dreams and aspirations take shape. A free 30 minute consultation to help guide people to the right healing modality, reading, treatment or work shop for them is available on request.

Please contact Clare for an initial chat, she would love to help you. Please use the contact form on the site. Thank you !