Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation therapy and comes from the word ‘rei’, meaning universal, spiritual and ‘ki’, energy or life force. It’s a hands-on healing technique where by the flow of energy is channelled via the therapists hands to unblock energy in the Client which has become blocked during periods of stress and illness. It treats the mind, body and soul.Reiki is an immensely powerful form of healing, which removes blockages and restores the flow of energy around the body. A session lasts an thirty minutes but for chronic on going pain, a longer course of sessions is recommended. It relaxes you, reduces stress, reduces pain such as back pain, headaches, tummy aches, Irritable Bowell Syndrome, Arthritis, Depression, Rheumatism, provides comfort and ease during grief.

What does a Reiki Session Involve?

A short consultation followed by a half hour session with relaxing music and pleasant scents if you like them. You can lie, fully clothed on a couch or be seated in a chair (back problems or pregnant ladies)

Price: £20
For multiple session booking, price reduction.